A Harlem Story

Holy Moly’s story began when I took a trip to Harlem, New York in 2012 in search of the legendary mac ‘n’ cheese I’d heard so much about, but I was truly inspired by what else I found….

Harlem revealed itself to me with open arms… a melting pot of culture! A vibrant fusion of community, art, music and food – soul food!

I discovered food is at the heart of the community, it’s an event. Friends and family come together nourishing their soul, the people of Harlem talked about food with complete passion. Their famous Chicken, Ribs and of course mac ‘n’ cheese recipes which has been passed through the generations was a true representation of “what your momma would make you”.

Soul food didn’t come alone. The atmosphere imprinted on me, it’s eclectic music, infectious vibe embodies everything and everyone it touched. A place I wanted to be part of and didn’t want to leave.

I fell in love instantly with how food was at the heart and spirit of the Harlem community. From that day onwards I have worked with a talented team to develop our own interpretation and Holy Moly was born.



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