In September our renowned restaurant Holy Moly, participated in the Martin James Foundation fundraising campaign. As the home of “buttermilk chicken, ribs and ‘proper’ mac ‘n’ cheese,” set out to support ten families in Madagascar and their transition from homelessness into healthy living conditions. The lifesaving funds we raised will give impoverished people a chance for a safe and secure future.

Our team completed many challenges to drum up awareness for this campaign.

20th September 2021

10KM walk around Edgbaston Reservoir and Summerfield Park.

With over 17,500 steps taken, the Holy Moly team completed a lengthy 10KM walk around the Edgbaston area and Summerfield park. The trek was equivalent to the Sahamaleotra Circuit Trail at the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. The walk was an opportunity for the team to get exercise and commit to a collective goal for a great cause.

27th September 2021

Litter picking in Harborne.

A week after our Ranomafana retreat, we hit the streets of Harborne to do some litter picking and help our local community. Our committed group of people we were able to cover York Street parking area and continue all the way around Harborne High Street. The team managed to fill 5 bin bags of assorted rubbish. We were also delighted to meet Harborne’s local councillor, Cllr Jayne Francis, and BID Manager, Kate Smart, upon our return. They were thrilled to hear of our campaign to aid one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

4th October 2021

“Coffee Morning” at Vicarage court.

For the last challenge, the Holy Moly team set up a coffee morning at the Martin James Network headquarters in Edgbaston. Selling coffees, cakes, and Malaysian material products, we were able to raise even more money and increase the wider network’s engagement with our campaign.

A total of £416.60 has been raised from this challenge and all of the donations will be going to the FAMadagascar charity foundation. The funds will be used to assist ten Malagasy families over the next five months and their journey from poverty to prosperous livelihoods.

Our dedication to fundraising extends to anywhere else on Earth that needs financial support. We continue to serve our local community through regular initiatives with FoodCycle, Acorn’s Children Hospice, Freeatlast and Harbourne Food School. Whilst Holy Moly’s dining experience prides itself on “Bringing Back A Proper Mac,” we also recognise the importance of “Giving Back” humanitarian aid to communities that need it as well.


About Holy Moly: Founded in 2015, Holy Moly, is a Harlem inspired fresh food casual restaurant, specialising in Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Buttermilk Chicken. The restaurant, situated in the School Yard Harborne, Birmingham, serves the local community through initiatives and collaborations such as Food Cycle, Acorns Children’s Hospice, Freeatlast and Marcus Rashford’s free school meals initiative.

Holy Moly is part of the Martin James Network which uses human-centred practices and innovative technology to have a positive impact on families and vulnerable individuals. Collectively, the network aims to achieve the vision of a ‘Fearless Future’ for all – creating a safer, more inclusive tomorrow where dreams can be realised without fear, limitation, or prejudice. Fearless Futures – inspiring others to be bold, kind, and courageous.

Written by Holy Moly Marketing